Volunteer with 9-Lives Cat Rescue

What roles do our volunteers play?

9 Lives Cat Rescue depends enormously on our volunteers. As a nonprofit organization, our volunteers range from administration to fundraising to fostering to… well, just about anything you can think of.

Not yet 18 years old and still want to help? Please do! As long as children under 18 years old are supervised by their parents or guardians, they are more than welcome!


As a volunteer with 9-Lives, you could:

  1. Help property owners live trap cats and prepare them for spay/neutering.
  2. Foster and socialize kittens and cats to prepare them for adoption (click here to learn about our Foster Program).
  3. Set up appointments for vets.
  4. Help find forever homes for the cats.
  5. Run fundraising events to help fund the cost of vet surgeries and medicines.
  6. Donate or collect donated items for sale at events. New items, re-gifted items and gently-used items welcome.
  7. Help manage our website and social media (posting new adoptable cats, updating adopted ones).
  8. Or just about anything else you can think of!
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