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For many years now, concerned and caring residents of Hants County have been involved in the humane trap, neuter and return of over 1000 stray and feral cats. Today, these same people have united to form 9-Lives Cat Rescue Society.

We are a CRA registered charity located in Hants County, Nova Scotia. Our goal is to spay/neuter a large number of cats and return them to their colonies while removing kittens and well-socialized adults for private adoption in forever homes.

Why are we doing this?

9-Lives Cat Rescue Society is helping reduce the number of kittens born, thus preventing starving animals who die slowly from communicable cat diseases such as leukemia, respiratory complications, and many other preventable illnesses.

The need is there.

In 2018, we helped spay/neuter 428 cats/kittens, over half of which got forever homes.

In 2014, 148 cats were spayed/neutered, and 108 kittens/cats were fostered and adopted.

In 2013, 180 cats were spayed/neutered, and 112 kittens/cats fostered and adopted.

We want to spay/neuter as many as 400 cats per year.

This is not an unrealistic goal. We now have two veterinarians willing to help and a growing list of volunteers. For example, in 2015 alone, we had over 40 individuals on the waiting list for spaying and neutering. Between Jan 1 and Feb 20 of 2019, we have already helped 43 cats!

How it works

  1. Call and leave a message at 902-798-2095.
  2. One of our volunteers will return your call and the situation discussed.
  3. An appointment may be set up at the veterinarian’s office for spay or neuter.
  4. Cats are returned to property owners who willingly feed and shelter them.

Want to help?

There are so many ways you can help us with our goals. Make a donation, become a volunteer, provide a foster home, or adopt a cat (or two!)

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